Saturday, July 27, 2019

July 27th

Didn't sleep much last night in anticipation of leaving today. Though I was mostly packed I kept thinking of things I had to get done today. I probably jumped out of bed at least five times to write things down. Last night I went to Andrea and Harils for dinner and had the best fish I've ever had! The criteria for being invited was that you had to be over 20! I told the girls that would be raised to 21 next year!  Kristen and Leah were there and we had some nice adult conversation. So here is what I learned. Leah and Umar are still together. He will be spending her last week in Uganda in Iganga so they can be together. Then he is planning to come stateside for Christmas. He has started his own business using urgent care centers as his model. Leah goes back to Colorado to start her last year in her doctorate program and then I'm guessing she will return to Uganda. Kristen is dating a guy from Kampala she met at Sipi Falls. It was really nice to have some time with them and catch up. The girls ate in the guesthouse with Damali, Dezi and Josiah!


So after breakfast we (both teams) waited for our drivers to show up. While waiting, Haril decided to give us a tour of the new women's ministry compound. If you go out the back gate of the guesthouse instead of turning right to go to the secondary school you turn left. They project it will be finished by the end of August and then the different women's groups will move up there. The current women's space is going to be transformed into housing for the women. How awesome is that??? We then loaded up the car and headed for Jinja for a few last minute things. We got to say goodbye to Carol who mans the shop right next to the Source. Saying goodbye to the staff at Musana was really hard. They are all such great people. Haroon, Prossy, Dorcas and Rosemary, Andrea and Haril, Agray, Keneth and Susan. The only redeeming value is I know I will be back next year!! Now we are on the road to Entebbe and the traffic is terrible. I think we've moved 30 miles in the last 1-1/2 hours. We plan to eat at Cafe Java in Entebbe before being dropped off at the airport. Before leaving Musana Esther bet me an ice cream cone that she could stay awake through the drive to the airport and the first leg of the flight. Not an hour into the drive she was sound asleep and I have a picture for proof! That girl can, and does, sleep anywhere!! She is missing her last opportunity to see the beauty that this country has to offer. 


We stopped at Café Java for lunch and also exchanging the left over money. The rate was better than what we would get at the airport. I had my last Ugandan fish and what I didn't finish Esther and Moses did! The final leg to the airport was uneventful. Kyemba and Moses very kindly rolled our suitcases up to the door and we are now seated in the waiting room. We have been here since 4:30 and our flight doesn't leave until midnight! Better early than late is my motto! In a few hours we will actually be able to go through security and at least be at the gate!


In case you haven't been able to tell over the last month and my blogs I love this country. Julie I saw Isaac and his twin brother Moses, and directed them to talk to Florence about being re-enrolled. I hope they follow up with that as Florence is expecting them to come. He looks great and wanted me to be sure to tell you hello and that he loves you. The staff at Musana gives all of you who have been here before greetings and well wishes. I am eager to come home and chill for a few days. I am exhausted but it has been a good exhaustion. I feel we have developed relationships and worked closely with our partners. I love you all. Sue

Friday, July 26, 2019

July 26

Sad days.... but GREETINGS 


Allo friends! Last day in Uganda. Literally the worst and weirdest feeling ever. 

Today we joined the flat irons Colorado team for some home visits. We visited certain students of Musana who are on scholarships. We had the pleasure of meeting two  students families. Their names were Petra and Atwiiya. Petra is a very bright and smiley young lady. Unfortunately she was born with no arms or legs but that doesn't stop her from living the best life. Both her parents have passed but her auntie Nadensia takes care of her and her 8 siblings along with her own 5 children. When we arrived to Nadensia's house  she welcomed us with open arms. She lives in a small home with 1 room on her brothers property where his home is right next door. Their family was very sweet and the maze corn they offered was delicious. 


We than moved on to another family of a student named Atwiiya. Atwiiya was brought to Musana from Sue. She met Atwiiya's family years ago and brought her family to Musana for Atwiiya's education. Atwiiya has been thriving and has the best smile. Her mother is asking for prayers for a new sewing machine (when they moved hers was stolen) and work for her and her husband so they can take care of their 4 kids. We also had the honor of meeting little Sue Henderson. Named after our very own Sue because our Sue has been welcomed into Atwiiya's family. 


After home visits we joined the Colorado team to Finnish our very last VBS day at the Bukoona campus for Musana's elementary kids. It was bittersweet but wonderful to see the kids' faces one last time. 


After Bukoona we booked it home to say goodbye to the high schoolers at the main campus in Iganga. Another bittersweet moment. I had the pleasure of seeing George Bush for the last time. Yes, there is a sophomore student named George Bush here in Uganda. Cutest kid I know. 


As we head into sleep tonight knowing it's our last night in Africa I thank you all back home for the support and blessings you've given us during this whole trip. Again I say, keep em' coming for our flights this weekend. Prayers that we get off the plane quickly, customs will go smoothly, we receive all of our luggage, and no sickness on plane, and we don't miss any flights!!!! 



Love all of y'all and can't wait to see everyone when arriving back home!!! Esther

July 26

Hello friends! 
Today I started today with breakfast and a short walk to the hospital with Kristin (the occupational therapist) and we talked about OT and what she does. Then when we got to the hospital and we saw the first two patients who both had Cerebral palsy and we worked with them on trying to hold a colored pencil/ highlighters and trying to shade on paper and then we had two more kids come in and we played games that worked on grasping things like blocks etc. and putting them in a bucket. Then we had two more younger boys come in and one of them looked so tiny I thought he was around a year old because he was barely holding himself up and as Kristin started working with him she started telling his back story and why he was here. She said that both of his parents had Autism and the kids were taken out of the home and put into a children's home but the sad part is that in they are held and never put down or never picked up so he can't sit up, walk, talk, crawl, and before he started coming he couldn't hold his own head up. Now he can which is good. Today we worked on sitting up and using his arms. You would never believe how old he was... I was shocked when Kristin told me he was 3 years old! I got to work him and help him learn to sit up on his own. It made my day when he started to actually sit up and start playing with the toy that was in front of him and not just falling and laying down over his feet. 


After I was finished at the hospital mama Sue and Kyemba came to pick me up for lunch. From there we headed out to Musana's second campus for VBS. Which is always soooooo much fun. I love all the little kids so much. We went around to all the stations; first was crafts where we all made a necklace with two red beads that represent Jesus's blood and a sliver ring in the middle that is our sins being washed away. Then we went to games and there was a huge water game (which I did not get wet) from there we went to science and we had a cup of water and the water was us and then we poured red food coloring in it so show our burdens that we carry and then gods power and when we poured it in the red went away. From there we went to snack and we took communion then we when to church and saw a short play about the death and resurrection. I loved getting to know the couple of girls pretty well and have fun with them. After VBS we came back home and picked up Susan and went to Sol View for the last time.  

Thank you so much for all the prayers! Be praying that we make all of our connecting flights back home and our last day here. Love everyone and can't wait to see everyone when we are home! 
Kylee Edmondson 

Thursday, July 25, 2019

July 24th

Hello again friends! 

Today we went on our last village trip. First we picked up the doctor Remi, Pastor Wilson and Agnes. We drove out about 45 minutes and got to the village where we would set up for the day! We started off with Wilson preaching and then I got to introduce our team. From there we setup in one of the classrooms. The kids saw me and Wilson first and got an anti-worm medication (they liked us because it it tasted like candy) from there they went to Moses and he weighed them and then saw the doctor (Remi) and lastly they went to Esther and Sue for the malaria test (they were there least favorite) I was really glad to be able to see everyone and be the one they liked this time and I loved being able to observe a little bit. After we finished all 127 kids we packed up to leave. We found out the battery to the car died and Kyemba had to walk and get someone to come and just start the car. While we waited for him to come back the local people had lunch ready for us and we sat to eat the food they worked so hard to make us. After we ate Kyemba came with someone in another car to jump start us. We all sat in the car praying that it would work and after the third try (and some prayer) the car turned on (thank you Jesus). We said goodbye to everyone and we headed to back to Musana! Today was so great. I am so glad we had the chance to work alongside Wilson, Agnes and Remi one last time! Thank you for all the love, support and prayers for the trip so far! Can't wait to see everyone when I get home! Love for Uganda! 

Kylee Edmondson 

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

July 23

Hello, chow, nehow, jamba, also, *other greetings inserted here* 


Greetings friends and families! 


Another blog from your friendly Asian! Today has been filled with fun! We started out the day with more interviews. We interviewed the founder of new life church Andrew Wambi. His story was fascinating. We also interviewed Mali (Ronald) who is the social worker overlooking one of the women's ministry at Musana. 


Fast forward after lunch we joined the Flat Irons Colorado team to Musanas elementary campus in Bakoona and participated in VBS! When we drove up we had about 30 kids run up to the vans and walk beside us as we parked. A little scary trying not to run over little feet but loved the wonderful welcome. As we walked up to the main building for worship I had about 3 kids on each arm. A little stressful but still feeling the love. 


Fast-fast forward to the afternoon: (prayed against the rain all day today) with clear sky's I had the pleasure of training the middle/elementary boys soccer team in the afternoon. I knew soccer would be different but the level of skill and motivation the boys had was amazing. Every single player worked very hard and gave it their all regardless of frustration or age. The "want" to be at practice that these boys had is what I'd like to see in American sports. The motivation and love of the sport in a child's face every time at practice. 


Later in the evening we got to have dinner with a man named Stephen Baidu. He works in northern Uganda building women's ministry's; helping and motivating the Ugandan widows, single moms, and other women for self-sustainability and empowerment. His story was fascinating and the night was very pleasant. As usual Kyemba (our driver, friend, second dad) acted like a clown and threw spit balls at us and squirted ketchup in my guacamole. 


Thank you everyone for your prayers and as always, KEEP EM' COMING! 

Love y'all and God bless😁💙

Monday, July 22, 2019

July 22

Greetings and salutations friends 


Today was an amazing day. We had the pleasure to interview staff and students of Musana and it was very enlightening. The kids stories were so sweet and the teachers and staff have had wonderful impacts on musana. We also painted a mural on the third floor of the high school at musana today with the junior year students. That was AWESOME! These kids are so talented in everything they do and more!! 


The amount of talent that the students have in arts, agriculture, music, and intelligence is insane!! This past week I have been just trying to see God's glory in all that we do for the last days of our trip. I have been noticing more details around me now that I can just sit and enjoy this beautiful country. The sounds of the birds in the mornings to the wonderful music playing in the streets on weekends. 


A request from us for the last days we have here! The weather has been iffy for weeks and we are praying against all rain in the afternoon here so that the high school doesn't cancel sports! I have gotten the privilege to work with the girls soccer team and praying that there will be clear weather for the rest of the trip! SUNNY AND BREEZY! 


Thank you all for your prayers and keep them coming!!! Love y'all and goodnight ðŸ˜ðŸ’¤❤

Sunday, July 21, 2019

July 21st

Hello again friends! 
Today we woke and got the day started with eating breakfast and heading to the high school for church. I have loved going to church at the high school the past weeks because the worship is so great! So this Sunday we decided to go early so we can see all of the worship which was so great! I have gotten to know a group of girls pretty well at the high school and I have loved going and worshiping with them! One of my friends this morning pulled me into dancing and worshiping with her. After worship we sat down for the message and it was in Luke 16:19-31 and he was talking about the rich man who had all the earth possessions and there was a poor man named Lazuras and they both died and Lazuras went to heaven and the rich man went to hell and he was saying how the poor man may have not had an amazing life like the rich man but he feared God. The man who had everything did not fear the Lord and he did not go to heaven. The speaker did a great job. After the service we headed back to the guest house and relaxed for a little while and after lunch we headed to the high school again to see them play soccer and I got to hang out with my friends again! I am so thankful to be able to talk to these girls; they are so sweet and welcoming and funny! Thank you for all the prayers and support! Hope everything is great at home! Till the my next blog! Love everyone! 
Kylee Edmondson