Saturday, May 31, 2008

For Brooke's eyes only!!!!!

You guys are terrible trying to read this blog, if your not Brooke turn back now. still reading aren't you. Fine, Honey since we obviously can't be alone I will just tell you that I do miss you and wish you were here. Caleb is great but he won't let me snuggle with him. we need to really try for october. i love you and pray that god is close to you now as he is close to me. give the dogs and mini's a kiss for me, next time we'll bring tina and bandit and a cart and they can pull us around, this walking is for the non-mini horse owners. I even asked an Israeli guy on my plane if they let mini horses in israel, he looked at me strange and then he asked about them. I think i won him over. love you and don't tell everyone your pregnant.

love you but need sleep


ps sorry 4 the spellin i is tird

Mitzpe Ramon-Caleb

well Ben told me that if I didn't think the Israel was any good that he would pay for my trip, so...unless things change soon, Brooke you'll probably be paying me some money.....The truth is so far it has been amazing and although it has only been two and a half days, it feels like I have been here two weeks. Looking back at how much has happened and I have learned in two and a half days, i am extremely excited to see what is still to come. I hope all is well at home.

at mitspe ramon

Well we have madeit through three days. Sorry we have not been blogging but we hae been just too tired. the plane ride over was fantastic. the plane was small and did not have personal tvs, so we got to watch P.S. I Love You. thanks to my lovely wife i have now seen it twice in one week, and am starting to question my masculinity. we finally arrived in Israel and jumped off the bus and into Gezer. it was a great first day, it was amazing how familiar it was even after two years. i could still pick out the tree we stopped under and even the places we left the path to trudge through the thistles, yes my legs are cut up. the next day we traveled through the shephelah revisiting Zorah, Azekah, Aijalon, Maresha, Elah, and a new stop at Lachish. i almost died walking up Zorah, it was as hard as I remembered it to be. And today was our first day in the desert. It was awsome to be at Arad again but one of the coolest things was revisiting Hadija's house, i could still remember the women, they haven't changed, but the kids have grown. Cathy's girl with the shoes on the wrong feet was there but she has grown. i almost couldn't believe it. then we went to Masada where everyone almost died, it was so hot, water is our friend. but we all made it and are rehydrating ourselves for tomorrow. tonight we are staying at Mitzpe Ramon and looked at the crater before we came to the hotel. we packed our over night bags so we can't upload any pictures but we will tomorrow night once we return to the dead sea, its still dead. i am beat and its my turn for the shower so i just want everyone to know we are fine and the trip is amazing, be writing more soon.


P.S. Brooke I love you

Friday, May 30, 2008

Check out Emily's blog

For those of you looking for updates on Ben, Caleb and Emily also be sure to check out Emily's blog. She updated it today.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It Seems So Surreal

Tomorrow we head to Israel for a new journey. It all seems so surreal at this point, I suppose it will hit me when we get on the plane tomorrow. Hopefully, throughout the trip Emily, Caleb and I will be able to keep everyone updated via this blog. So check back in the next few days for more details. Tben