Saturday, April 30, 2016

Budapest, cont.

John spent afternoon giving us an active and informative tour of city. I think we got 7 miles in easily. Gorgeous day and gorgeous city. Such amazing history - specifically in regards to Christianity and Gods relentless pursuit of this country. 

Ended night going to Turkish style baths.  Tomorrow we will worship and make our way to Brishke - where nearly 1,000 immigrants are living in make shift tent housing. 

Love from all and - we are all doing great!  Our amazing host and leader, John Wilson.

A day in Budapest

Quick snapshot as it's almost midnight and we had a FULL day. Morning breakfast of crepes - Hungarian pancakes - filled will delish savory and sweet fillings. Yum! Then we headed to the Alpha office for some morning prep work for refugee camp.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Arriving and work in' Budapest

We arrived into Hungary at 10am today. Not a lot of sleep en route but smooth and safe travel all the way. And... Drum roll please... Jay Sanchez earned his wings as a International traveler!

The entire Wilson family was at the airport to greet us! Those adorable kids keep on growing and John and Zsofi haven't changed a bit.

This afternoon we got to help the Wilson family finish up moving the last boxes and furniture out of their flat. Huge help to John and their family.

Going out with team for a little birthday celebration - my 44th today and blessed beyond measure by my loving family, an encouraging team and a God who knows my heart so fully that He gives me opportunities like this mission trip - full for adventure, growth and wonder.

Thank you everyone for thoughtful prayers. We love y'all!

Hungary or Bust!

Let God Arise 

With busy schedules, approaching deadlines, and family things to attend to- this has been my hearts cry for us. That in the midst of my circumstances and final preparations before departure......that God would Arise. In our hearts. In our families. In our jobs. On our trip. That God would be the forefront. 

Some of us are entering this trip tired, worn down, and with a lot on our mind. But, we are ready! The minute I stepped on that plane, there was peace. And a chance to lay down everything that has consumed me up to this point. I have fought hard to get to this place. To press into the Lord even when things felt crazy. To find rest at His feet. And to settle in for the adventure that lies ahead. 

Over the next two weeks we will be training leaders on an Alpha course and working in a refugee camp. It's going to be incredible. Praying that our team receives just as much as we pour out. That God will continually guide us and teach us what it means to rest in Him as we give it all away.