Sunday, July 8, 2018

July 8th by Michele

Happy Sunday Evening from Iganga! I'm sure you've all heard from Sue's post that we had quite the travel adventure. Luckily, our team is the best and everyone took it all in stride with grace, humor, patience and support for one another. Since our flights were derailed a bit, we did arrive in Uganda during the afternoon yesterday. My neck hurt trying to see everything I could possibly see out the airplane window!The trees and vegetation are the greenest of greens and the dirt is the deepest of reds that I have ever seen or maybe I've just live in Texas too long and brown has become my normal. 


We did have a bit of a rest day today since we'd been traveling for three days and didn't arrive at Musana until after midnight last night. We slept in and skipped church…don't tell anyone! After lunch, we walked down to the primary school and spent time with the younger kids. We found them congregated in church having a spelling bee run by the older kiddos. This was not like any spelling bee I had ever seen before! The young man running the show was about 10 years old (going on 35) and is definitely a future politician, pastor or game show host. He knew how to get the crowd excited and how to keep them in line! The group of kiddos that had quickly taken me under their wing as I enter the doors won the competition, so we had all the more reason the be excited! We split up in went in different directions with kids in tow after the bee was over. I spent my time having various conversations with kids, one of which was the lineage of the British Throne with a 13 yr old boy named Sheema. I was laughing internally. Never something I ever imaged happened standing in Uganda. 


Some of our group opted for some afternoon rest time, while Jason and Jacob had a personal tour of Iganga from our sweet driver Kyemba. While they were out the ladies of the group also attending a marriage conversation host by missionaries from Colorado for Musana staff and community members. This type of conference isn't the norm for their culture, but it was so interesting to see how thirsty they were to learn more about the potential of equality in marriage and the biblical approach that was being taught versus the pressures of what they feel externally in their country. 


Everyone on the team is doing amazing!! Jacob has been a magnet with the kiddos and has been at ease with the culture. Jason is a rock and the kiddos adored him plus he was a great soccer player! Laura has been so strong in her faith and a true inspiration. Sue and Julie are amazing leaders!!! Judy is helping to keep our team organized and has such a loving heart for these kiddos! I would talk about Glenn, but he's doing his own thing this week! Miss and Love my boys! (Craigg, Hunter and Luke…Muah) 

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