Monday, July 9, 2018

July 9th

Today was Meet and Greet Day with Musana. For those of us for whom this is the first time, we had a visit with the administration, learned the story, the current status, and the vision for the future. It is truly amazing what they have accomplished in 10 years. To think they started with 80 kids in 1 building and now have 1200 kids in three schools, an out-patient clinic, an inpatient hospital, a skills training program, and housing for 44 missionaries or visitors. They do all of this with a budget of $1,000.000, 90% of which is self-sustaining. 


We toured the new secondary school, which was quite impressive. The kids take a trade course in their second year of high school, and another one in their last 2 years, even if they are going to go on an academic route (college prep). That way, when they graduate from college and unemployment makes it difficult to find a job, they have a skill they can support themselves with.  We talked to a young student (probably 13) who explained the wiring of a conjunction box with two switches and a light bulb. He said his name was George. His friends called him George Bush.


The secondary students get up at 4am, prep for school, eat breakfast, then go to class until 4:30 (with an hour for lunch). Then they do athletics until 5:30. After dinner,  they prep for the next day until 9:00.  The school volleyball team is going to the national championship.


After our tours, we shopped in the Musana store where the goods are sold that the skills training graduates make.  


I'm continually impressed by the graciousness and friendliness of the people here.

Tomorrow we are going to see the third school and the hospital.  

We appreciate all your prayers as our bags are still enroute from Entebbe with Julie and Laura. (Another day on the road for them).




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