Tuesday, July 11, 2017

As I write this it is 12:25 pm. We got up early thi

As I write this it is 12:25 pm. We got up early this morning to say goodbye to the Colorado team and then waited for Kyemba to come. Part of me loves the fact that Uganda has NO sense of time and part of me starts each day frustrated and behind schedule. Our first stop was the clinic to check on Alisat. When we arrived I was told the doctor was still on rounds and could I wait 40 minutes. Instead we went into town and bought her some onesies as the mother wasn't covering her at night which was not helping her pneumonia. When we returned about 15 minutes later the doctor had been called into an emergency with no knowledge of when he'd be out. So we headed to Kokombo for our 11 am meeting with Pastor Wilson although by now it was 11:45 (which by Uganda standards is early). Now it is 12:30 and we are no closer to the village then when we started. But we've picked up 4 extra people I've never seen before and I'm told there are no more stops along the way. Well that was wrong we just stopped again and Kyemba hopped out... my stomach is in knots as we have a commitment at 6 pm tonight and we are moving at a snails pace. Then after that we have to pick up the baby and take her back to Kokomo!!! I see a very long day in my future! This stop was for chapati so it isn't all bad!!!

The two women we picked up are nutritionists and will spend the time educating the mothers on properly feeding their kids. We also have a midwife with us.

So it became a little more than Wilson's feeding program. We gave children's vitamins to everyone who passed through and prenatal vitamins to many pregnant women. To start the clinic we had to wait for the community leader to come and speak. Then there were introductions followed by a short sermon from Wilson. This was followed by education from a midwife, a talk about AIDS and farming and the best foods to feed children. It was at least an hour before the medical part of the day even began. We had only three children that qualified for the plumpy nut and that was a blessing. But this was a village where medical care is rare and so many showed up. The clinic was held in a classroom that resembled a barn and there was a poor teacher actually trying to teach over the crying and screaming. I am now trying to round them all up and head them out. Easier said then done!!!

While I was gone Hannah painted two murals today. They are both amazing and she is now exhausted. Tomorrow while I am in Kampal she is going to paint more! God bless her in this hot sun!

Hannah, Kristen, Kaitlin and I walked to Sol View for dinner where we met Kyemba, his wife, Hadija and Said. Dinner was wonderful and Julie Page you should know Hadija is now calling her baby Julie in honor of you. Pretty cool. We had a good time and h e returned to no electricity so I am off to bed.

Love you all.

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