Sunday, July 9, 2017

This has been a really fun weekend. I'd like to say

This has been a really fun weekend. I'd like to say we worked hard but the truth is we hardly worked. Yesterday morning the secondary had a sports day with all the track and field events. They used the field behind the elementary school where we watched the soccer game last year. Musana actually marked the field with lanes for all the running event. And they also had long jump, shot put, javelin (a long stick) and high jump. The first event of the day was the 10,000 meter (in excess of 24 laps). They started with 8 participants and by the end there were only 3 left. The others gave it their best shot but dropped out before finishing. One young boy ran slow but steady but with everyone dropping like flies he came in third! I would have quit after the first lap and I was so proud of them. I The secondary was divided into teams and the winning team at the end of the day got a goat to eat with a party this coming Saturday! It was hot but so much fun to watch the competition and how the students rallied around each person. As usual Musana did a great job and it was fun to be a small part of it (even if we were just the cheer squad).

After lunch the team from Colorado, Hannah and I went to the sail club in Jinja and took a boat tour around Lake Victoria. The boat was standard Ugandan style and it was so quiet on the lake. After the tour we ate dinner outside with the lake as our view. I had talapia and it was wonderful. In front of the restaurant was a huge statue of a tyrannosaur Rex. A little odd but I know Owen will love the pictures!!

Today we got up early and headed back to Wild Waters Resort with Leah, Umar, Kristy, Kaitlin, Erin, Hannah, Kyemba and myself. It rained on the way but once we got there the sun came out and it was beautiful. The Nile was so much lower today then last week and I was blessed by Hannah taking me on the last site Haril took our team too. Oh my goodness, it was phenomenal. The view was amazing and there was literally a gap where if you stepped into it you would fall into the Nile. The current of the water was so fast that the water was splashing up in the air quite high. We did have a relaxing day. We actually sat and read for most the day but also had a chance to have some meaningful conversation. On the way back we have stopped at a Mexican, yes Mexican restaurant for dinner. The food is in an out of the way location but the food was good. Even Kyemba ate Mexican; a chimichanga...

Please be in prayer for Kyemba. He has been diagnosed with typhoid and has not been himself the last few days, though when we ask he says, "I'm fine mum". He has been receiving treatment at Musana's clinic but is still not feeling great. Hopefully tomorrow will be better! We are hoping to go to Kampala tomorrow to get Dennis enrolled in University and to stop by the US Embassy to see if we can help with Kyemba's visa. I'm not very encouraged that it will happen but we are going to give it the old college try. From what I have heard getting a visa out of Uganda is extremely difficult if not impossible! Hannah will stay behind and paint the next building! Yeah Hannah!!

It looks like Kampala is being pushed back to Wednesday. I am waiting on a letter from Haril regarding Kyemba and want to go with the best ammunition I have.

I love you all!

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Julie Page said...

Praying for Kyemba's health!! What a bummer! Also praying for the trip to Kampala, praying Gods favor at the University and for the visa! Thanks for the update!!!
Hugs and kisses to all!!!!
Julie AKA Dory