Monday, July 3, 2017

Dunked in the Nile

Today was a day full of rest, good friends and incredible beauty. Our rest day was well spent in a beautiful place right on the Nile called Wild Waters Lodge. We were blessed to have good friends, Andrea, Haril, and their cute little Dezy and Edward, his wife, Damali, and their adorable little baby, Matthew Austin, join us on the adventure. The place seemed like something out of a movie, we were convinced it was a green screen. There was so much beauty, it was a bit overwhelming.. but in a good way. We got to explore and climb rocks that we probably shouldn't have climbed(but we did anyway because we're #rebels) to get the best view and were in awe of the places we found. What made it even better was that we got to have Edward baptize Laura and I for the first time and rebaptize sue and sam. We ended the day drinking coffee and eating chips at the source in Jinja. This was a wonderful way to wrap up the trip(though, sam and i are planning to "lose" our passports so we never have to leave.) and it showed us the true beauty that is Uganda. The Father was good to us today and he's bringing new seasons full of joy and full of wonder, and we're very excited about it. 

love from emma. 




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