Sunday, July 16, 2017

July 16

Our last day in Uganda is very bittersweet. Nothing really prepares you for coming and nothing prepares you for leaving. As I said yesterday no matter how much is done there is always so much that gets left undone. Some I have personally stepped back from as I felt my involvement was not appropriate and better in the hands of others. Other projects have been thwarted at every turn; e.g. The visa for Kyemba. Some is because organization is so hard to come by. Non the less it is hard to leave things unsettled. Actually last night Hannah graciously packed one of my suitcases with such tender care to make sure it all arrives safely. As she was doing that I got in bed, falling asleep in my glasses with my phone in my hands. I am looking forward to my first real downtime on the plane tomorrow.


Yesterday Musana finished negotiations on the piece of land next to the secondary school (facing the school it's to the left; the piece with all the brick making). They are hoping to build living quarters for those who work at the secondary and the clinic. Andrea said the other people wanting the property wanted to build a mosque on the land. I am so glad the land went to Musana as they can now continue to grow without anyone in their path. I love that that different properties are connected. So again, Musana is growing in a thoughtful way! 


Our room, at the moment, is a natural disaster. Suitcases are partially packed, waiting for us to shower to finish the job. We brought so much stuff with us that the suitcases are fairly empty. The good news is I have been able to put my carry on inside another suitcase so I will have nothing to drag through the various airports other than my backpack. That is a plus as far as I am concerned!! Tomorrow morning early we will load up the car and head to Entebbe. After our team had such a problem getting out of Uganda, I'd rather get there way early and wait, then not be allowed to board.


So tonight we had our final dinner at Musana; pizza, guacamole and pineapple! It doesn't get any better than that! Then Andrea, Kristy, Erin and Kaitlin came out with a half gallon of ice with heavy duty sparklers on top. What a great surprise and we downed it in no time at all. Once Dezi came she did think it was for her and the rest of us were cut off!! We exchanged letters we had written to one another. I am really going to miss them all and hope to see them again next year in Colorado. Colleen we will have to go to Flat Irons church one Sunday.


I am signing off for the final time from Uganda. Thank you all for your support during this trip. I love you all.



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Nanette Hilgendorf said...

Thanks for all the posts, Sue! Looking forward to seeing my girl again! Godspeed.