Monday, July 3, 2017

Rest for the Weary

Today we woke up at 6 and headed out on a hike to Pride Rock to watch the sunrise. The walk was longer than I remembered, but the beauty of the sunrise made it all worthwhile. I was shocked at the amount of "development" that has taken place since a year ago. But even at 6 am the streets were full of people starting to open their little shops, most of which I would describe as a wooden hut! The young kids continually yelled, "Bye Mzungus" which is how they say hi while waving frantically. Pictures cannot do the sunrise justice and it was good to have this final moment with the team. We returned to Musana around 8:30 and Hannah graciously made us all fried eggs for breakfast. What a treat!!! And then we waited for Kyemba… and we waited. The team was supposed to leave for the airport at 10 but finally got rolling at 11 am with Sam in the backseat with the suitcases, Tamara, Julie and Laura stuffed in the middle and Emma (because of her long legs) in the front!! It will be a long drive. Meanwhile, Hannah and I have changed rooms and been to the craft room to order the stuff that wasn't delivered the first time! Now I am actually sitting with my feet up, and will remain so until we go down to continue the painting.


A few hours later… the painting may have to wait until tomorrow. The rain is pelting down and the sound is so refreshing. For one thing, it means we cannot paint and so I am sitting on my bed under a blanket working on pictures. Sitting outside in the gazebo we could hear the rain long before it came to us. I love the sound of rain and am really thankful we are not out in a remote village doing a medical clinic. Instead I have my feet up doing nothing. Whoop!!! I have to admit it feels great and I have been missing my Sue time. It has been a long time since I've listened to the rain and it is very calming.


Update…Hannah is sick with a fever but is starting to feel better. So we stayed in the room all day reading, listening to music and working on pictures. It was much needed and very relaxing. Tomorrow we are back to the grind. I am leaving early in the morning to go back to the pharmacy for more medications for another medical clinic that Andrew is doing. We won't be going to the clinic as we have committed to Musana to finish up some projects and interact with a new team that arrives tonight. So after the pharmacy Kyemba will go and transport Andrew and his team to the village.


The rest of the team left today for what was supposed to be a 6:30 flight. Even though Kyemba was late this morning they arrived at the airport in plenty of time; however, Qatar Airlines moved the departure time to 4:45 without contacting any of the passengers. So the team and many others missed the flight. They are now spending the night in Entebbe and will be leaving tomorrow afternoon instead. The good news is that the flight out of Qatar flies directly to Houston so they don't have to stop in London. I'm wondering why we weren't on that flight to begin with!!! Such is the life in Uganda. One never knows what is going to happen next!!


Love you all. It is 8:25 my time and I am going to bed…



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