Saturday, July 15, 2017

July 15

I sept soundly last night for the first time in ages. I actually didn't even stir before 8:15. Then I went down and asked both Attiwya and Rashida to draw me pictures. I am so happy I can take a piece of them home! Today is parents day which started at 9 am but as of 12:30 very few had arrived. I spent some quality time with both girls and will miss them both terribly but am eager to come home to Owen and Nora hugs and smiles!! I did go down and talk to those preparing the food. Today is a true celebration... chicken (which actually had been killed on the spot due to my seeing all the feet lying on the ground), pumpkin, matoke, potatoes, and other delectable items. The pots were probably 2 feet in diameter and I'm so happy the kids are getting a feast!! After seeing the feet I am glad we are going to Jinja for the day. I'm hoping for something a little Mzungu!! It is very hot outside and I've already gone through two bottles of water without relief. Ugh!!!


So the interns, two new people, Mary and Shelby, Hannah and I are heading out to Jinja. Andrea has requested a pizza be returned to her tonight so we will pick that up. I am also going to buy some earrings to sell at The Loft. Musana doesn't make anything like this but I figure the profits can go back to them! It will be really nice to spend some quality relational time with people who also love this country and Musana. We are going to try a new restaurant called "All Friends".


As we arrived at "All Friends" it started pouring so our timing was perfect. The food wasn't all that good although the ambiance was great. And since the service was so slow we had a good opportunity to share stories and get to know one another better. I think the only thing  I have really eaten since arriving besides my snacks has been tilapia. I can honestly say I am tired of fish!!! I am definitely ready for ice cream! We then cruised the shops in Jinja and I managed to find a few more things to help support the local economy. I did find a child's Bible for Rashida although the font is tiny, tiny. I'm really glad she is a young child and her eyesight is good!!! When she gets to be my age I hope she is able to buy one with large print!!! 


I am having a hard time believing we leave in one more day. There is so much we have done but there is always the feeling that there is more to do. I will miss the people so much. 


I love you all.




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