Thursday, July 6, 2017

Rooster Death Threats

Today started with the idea that Hannah and I would go down and paint. She has the final wall on the cafeteria to paint, but instead skipped to another building that Andrea was anxious to have painted. I have to say I was a little out of my comfort zone, but it didn't last long. Edward (the social worker for the Musana clinic communicated that he would like to go back out to Kokombo to see the baby we took to the clinic last week. And so I gathered up Erin to take to the clinic and picked up Edward. In the process, I gave Carol (the hospital administrator) a bag of marshmallows. She was in seventh heaven and giddy! We then headed out to Kokombo where we saw the baby. She was still wheezing; not quite as badly, but her breathing was still difficult. Edward evaluated her and decided we would go back tomorrow and see how, and if, she is progressing. If things haven't taken a turn for the better we will head back to the clinic for further medication. On the way back, Kyemba found another scenic route!


Edward was also telling me about two little children whose dad left them with a friend since he was being sent to jail. The friends turned out to be witch doctors and abused the kids .A neighbor reported them and the local police came and took the children away to the police station where they have been since Tuesday. To put this in perspective the children are about 3-1/2 and almost 2 .Edward got a call about them and Musana is trying to get all the legal paperwork signed so they can help. The children had been burned and beaten during their brief childhoods. So we bought a mosquito net (they are both sleeping on one mattress on the floor) and food for them to have lunch. Later in the day we went to the market and bought the little boy, Karon, a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. The shorts were from the gap and cost a little more than a dollar. We also bought a set of sheets for the bed. My prayer is that the food actually goes to them and that some prison official doesn't decide to eat it himself. Both kids need medical care. They were taken to Iganga Hospital yesterday to have multiple testing done, but Edward said after waiting over three hours they had only been tested for malaria. This afternoon we headed into Idudi to try to find a relative that would be willing to stay overnight at Musana's clinic while they get treatment! Sadly, by the time we got to the police station in Idudi they had no information. We couldn't locate the neighbor who turned them in because he was renting his house and therefore there was no contact information to be had. Our attempts at talking to the dad (who is in prison) were thwarted because it was after visiting hours. So, we went back to the prison in Iganga to see if anything could be done! Sadly, we are on hold until tomorrow. Today I was in two different prisons a total of three times! And I didn't even do anything bad!


Meanwhile Hannah has painted another beautiful mural. She worked until 12:30, came up for lunch, and then returned to continue. What talent she has!! She painted this afternoon until 4 when it started to rain. She put the paints up and had the opportunity to go to chapel with the staff. She is now painting a beautiful picture for Dorkus and has written Psalm 25 (Dorkus' favorite) over the picture. I guess I don't have to tell you how beautiful it is! Dorkus is going to love it; and it is a great way to thank her for all she has done for us! Tomorrow, we are headed back to the village to pick up the little girl to take to the hospital and then we are going back to the prison to see if we can help these little kids.


The Rooster and I are on first name basis. Seriously, if he continues waking me up before 6 a.m. I AM going to eat him for dinner!


I love you guys. Sue

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Julie Page said...

Oh my goodness!!! Praying for those kids that were with the witch doctor and that sweet baby girl with horrible congestion!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
The busy days continue...God's plan is perfect!!!