Sunday, July 2, 2017

Drawing to an end

Sue Today was another long day even though we didn't show up to Andrew Wambi's till 10! Church started between 9:30 and 10, although I think they waited for the Mzungus to start!! The children started the service with singing and dancing and it is such a neat thing to watch. The benches were packed. At least five, if not more, children crammed together. Ugandan services have been known to last hours and hours. So after the singing Andrew preached and the service was over in just over 1-1/2 hours! It was a great service but it was so hot and we were surrounded by children who constantly were touching and pulling at us. After the service we were able to meet with Masiat, Ruth, Moses, Barbra and Samuel. We also had Augustine (who use to be Tule) and Dennis with us as they are hoping to move to New Life Ministries. One day this next week I will drive into Kampala with Kyemba and Dennis. Kyemba needs to go to the embassy for the final (at least that is what I am told) and Dennis needs to fill out the application for university. We also need to see what the expenses will be for a school year. He hopes to major in social work. It was just so great to see those kids that I have loved on for the past 7 years. I also got to meet our sponsored child through Andrew's; a little girl named Liz. She is actually Ruth's little sister, who's mother left her on the street about 6 months ago. She is the cutest little thing with a huge smile. Personally, I think she runs the place… much like Dezi.


We then took the kid's from Phil's to the Sol View for dinner. They were telling me that for every meal at school they get posha and beans so it was a good change for them and a chance for us to really talk to one another. Andrew did a great job with them both encouraging and letting them know how valued they were. He also told them that their grades were important and if they didn't do well they would be dropped from the sponsorship program. It sounds harsh but they are being taught to value the education they are given in hopes of bettering their lives for the future. Jen, Moses ate spaghetti which was so fun to watch. We then had Kyemba drive them back to their various schools and we walked home from the restaurant. It was fun to be out among the people and I was really thankful that Julie knew the way. I would be sitting on a street corner crying by now after walking in circles forever!


Tomorrow morning before the team leaves we are climbing up Pride Rock to watch the sunrise. It is always a beautiful moment and a good way to end the trip. Then Kyemba will drive the five returning members to the airport and they will begin the trek home. Hannah and I plan to continue painting at Musana and I have told Atwiiya and Rashida that I would come down after school and just spend time with them. I haven't been able to do that yet and I am really excited.


I love you all so much. Steve, Cody and Kari it was terrific talking to you tonight. I miss you all (the whole family) so much. I can't wait to see you all in two weeks!!



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