Friday, July 7, 2017

U'ganda love this blog

Hello Friends and Family!

I hope this blog post finds you all well and happy. Today I finished up a big mural that I started yesterday. The mural is an African landscape with waterfalls, forests, mountains, Ugandan houses, and little gardens. I should be starting another after the weekend is over. All of the primary school buildings are painted different colors. So far I have had a bright blue and green canvas. If my next building-canvas is a soft color like purple then I will be painting a space scene full of planets, stars, and nebulas.


Yesterday I had a wonderful day painting and talking to Musana's staff as they came for quick visits to watch me paint. Two young women and I had wonderful conversations about our families and what our relationships with God look like. I was brought to tears by one of my new friend's stories of God's faithfulness in her life. One of my prayers in going to Uganda this time was to have deep, meaningful conversations about God with people as they came up and chatted with me as I painted. I finished up yesterday going to the staff's Thursday night Bible study which I absolutely loved. The church I attend at A&M has a college student Bible study on Thursdays that I attend, so I thought fondly of my college friends last night.


Today, Sue was out and about on a couple different trips with one of Musana's social workers. Over the last couple of days they have been driving to a couple different villages to check in on a couple kids. I am sure you will hear some more details from her later on.


Well, I must sign out for the day.


Thank you for reading!







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