Thursday, July 13, 2017

July 13th

Today's blog starts the same as yesterday; waiting for Kyemba. Now I am at Andrews for a 9am meeting and he is no where to be found. "But he is coming," the most used expression in Uganda other than "I'm at the gate"...


Andrew and I met and talked about the situation taking place at the clinic where the nurse was recording one price in the book and another on the receipt. He was really appreciative that we brought it to his attention. He said that a lot of people had complained about the prices being so high but they he no receipts to show him. And of course when he looked at the books the prices seemed reasonable. He showed me the receipts in their book and she not only was changing the price but also recording false names. I assured Andrew how much I appreciated his integrity and his willingness to rectify the wrongdoing. So I received a refund from NLM. I also had a chance to see the new oven they are building. It is mimicking Musana's although on a smaller scale. The man building it was amazing to watch. He was so intent on it being perfect... must be a type A personality. Andrew said by changing their cooking system it will cut their feeding budget (because of the cost of wood for burning) by almost 50%. That is money that can go somewhere else!!


I did get to see Liz again and she has the most beautiful smile. She is a perfect version of Ruth just in the mini form. She is the sweet child we are sponsoring through NLM and her smile just melts my heart. Now I am heading to the secondary school to pick up Hannah as she's been painting their dining hall all day and it is blistering hot. I am sad to see our days coming to a close but am anxious to see my family.


We just came by the secondary to pick up Hannah (saving her walking home with all the paint cans) and I bought a beautiful picture from Isaac, the art instructor. It is a beautiful drawing of a zebra done in charcoal. Hannah has finished another mural. The problem is once she's done one in an area they all want more, more, more!! She has now crashed and is napping until we head out to the prison!!! She might want to spend the night there to get some rest!!


On the way to the prison we picked up Stephen Baidu (he coordinated with the prison director) and Bridget (who use to teach at Bulubandi). It was good to see Baidu again and he was very helpful in getting us through the prison system. The prison director, Nicholas, was very nice but the people under him hadn't learned his kindness. First, no cameras were allowed so I used my James Bond moves and used my phone. Then we were not permitted to take the sanitary napkin kits in being told they would distribute them later. When we mentioned this to the women they assured us they would never receive them. So we went back in and retrieved them from the main office, deciding it was better to ask forgiveness then permission. No one even gave us a second look until we started distributing them. Then the guards came out of the woodwork with arms outstretched. Everyone received a kit and the women were so grateful!! Kathy what you are doing is an amazing blessing and I thank you for your heart. Andrew approved going to the prison and the remainder of the kits will go to NLM where Bridget will give them to those in need.



Hello- Hannah here again :)


Going to the prison today was really hard. Some of these women are in for really minor offenses. Others were not even sure of their crimes. They seemed to be stuck in limbo - caught in a crack of Uganda's justice system. When we came to visit them, a woman from Kenya was also there because she preaches to them once a week. She was a very forceful speaker and shouted at these women that they were loved and God had a plan for their life. It was overwhelming- but many woman were touched and encouraged. I am so glad we got to hand each one a sanitary napkin kit. Each kit came in a beautiful handmade bag and contained a couple pairs of underwear, 2 or 3 hand sewn pads and 7 or 8 inserts that are held in the pads. These inserts are made of a special liquid-resistant material I believe. These were beautifully made, practical gifts. I was struck by how much care and love was put into making them. The women in the prison will not leave my thoughts soon. My verse for them tonight is Psalm 73:25&26

"Whom have I in heaven but you? And earth has nothing I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever."


I love you all,





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